August 20-22, 2021

What is the SuperGame?

It is one of the largest Big Games on the West Coast! For over 15 years, the SuperGame has been bringing families, scenario teams, vendors, and brand new paintball players together. The event takes place over 3-days, with the popular Spoils of War and Night Ops Game on Friday, Traditional SuperGame all day Saturday, and SuperGame Domination on Sunday. Most people sign up for the 3-Day Pass, but you are welcome to pick and choose which games you want to play.


Is there really $10,000 in prizes raffled off?

 Yep, that’s right, over $10,000 in prizes were given away to the players by just pulling raffle tickets! We guarantee a minimum of $10,000, but it is always more. We have multiple raffles throughout the event. Everyone gets 1 ticket just for showing up each day.

SuperGame MD Event, 3-DAY ENTRY - August 20-22, 2021. The 3-Day Pass gets you entry into the Magfed Game, Spoils of War Game and the Night Ops game on Friday, entry into the Traditional SuperGame on Saturday, and entry into the SuperGame Domination game on Sunday. The SALE price of $75 is for pre-registration only and includes a free set of SuperGame Dogtags! 

Check out the Event FaceBook page to find out about the Generals, additional information and talk with other players coming to the event.

If you wish to register for multiple players, complete this entire page then click "SAVE NAME OF PLAYER" at the bottom of the page, then you may add additional tickets for additional players into your cart.  Player names will be required to ensure an easy check-in process for everyone.

Pre-registration will end on Wednesday Aug. 18th at 11:59pm.  You may sign up on the day of the event.  By pre-registering, you save money; prices for day of registration and special events will increase.


Special Event Registration

  • This event takes place on Friday.

  • This event takes place on Saturday.

No Refunds. Players that do not show up the day of the event and have not contacted us in writing in advance will forfeit their deposit. All others will receive credit that can be used towards any future SuperGame Events at any location. Purchases are non-refundable. This is a field paint/first strike event only. All paintballs/first strike used at this event is specific to this event. Paint from previous events is not allowed. Anyone caught with paintballs/first strike that is not for this event will be asked to leave without refund. No exceptions, no warnings!

Paint and Equipment

  • Event Paint/First Strike (Event paint only)

    Event Paint/First Strike (Event paint only)

    Choose from the below: All GI Paint--day of event pricing is $70, $80, $90 / First Strike - $64 (FSR limited day of - best to pre-order)

  • Basic Rental Equipment

    Basic Rental Equipment

  • Grenades (Paint/Smoke)

    Grenades (Paint/Smoke)

    You must be 18 years or older to purchase/use EG products.

  • SG Barrel Bag

    SG Barrel Bag

    $5.00 ea.

  • Armbands


    Hate being taped up? Buy a reusable armband.

  • SG Headband

    SG Headband

    $20.00 ea. [12 remaining]

  • SG 3D Rubber Patch

    SG 3D Rubber Patch

  • SG Beer Glass

    SG Beer Glass

  • SG Water Bag

    SG Water Bag

    $2.00 ea.

  • Event T-Shirt

    Event T-Shirt

    If you would like to pre-order a SuperGame T-Shirt and save $10 off the regular price, please pre-purchase it.

  • Lunch - Fast Pass

    Lunch - Fast Pass

    Avoid the long lines by choosing your meal now and having it ready for pick-up at a separate Fast Pass window.

  • Beverages - Fast Pass

    Beverages - Fast Pass

    We'll have your choice of beverage ready for immediate pick up with your pre-ordered food.

Raffle Tickets *

  • Don't miss out!

    Don't miss out!

    We have an amazing selection this year. With GI Sportz as our sponsor, there will be more high ticket items being raffled off. If you don't want an opportunity to win, select "No thanks".

Rustic Camping

  • Rustic Campsite-Price is for entire event.

    Rustic Campsite-Price is for entire event.

    Traveling a long distance or just want to enjoy a night away with your friends. Stay over and be ready on site the morning of the event. Pricing is per campsite for the duration of the event. RV's welcome - no hook-ups.


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